Go Green for the Holidays

The holiday season is finally here! In the midst of all the celebration and gift giving people often overlook the damages done to the environment during this time of year. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the volume of household waste increases by 25% between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. Give the Earth a present by going green! Here are a few great tips for an environmentally friendly holiday:

Wrapping Paper & Holiday Cards

Time to put your creativity to good use! Skip buying new rolls of wrapping paper and get crafty. Try substituting giftwrap with newspaper, magazines or fabric. Save old bags and bows to reuse for presents. Sending out the annual Christmas card? Creating an e-card is a smart and efficient way to send out your holiday greeting without wasting paper.


While trying to have the best light display in the neighborhood, why not try and have the greenest light display also? Consider swapping your traditional lights with LED lights. LED lights are not only extremely efficient, they will also last way longer than traditional lights. Take old or broken lights to your local scrap yard. The wire inside those lights will earn you some extra holiday spending money!

Post-Holiday Recycling

After the holidays are over, it is important to know the proper way to dispose of a Christmas tree, whether it is real or artificial. Most communities offer curbside collections for real trees and use them to create mulch for the public. Artificial trees are great because they can be reused for many years. If you are ready to dispose the tree, some good options would be to re-purpose it for new decorations, donate it or recycle it. If you find that no parts of the tree are recyclable, it should be thrown in the trash. Note: Be sure to remove all decorations from a tree before recycling.

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