Scrapping in a Winter Wonderland

With the holidays over and the wintery weather upon us, you may find that you have some seasonal scrap to get rid of. Here are just a few items that you can get cash for at Montgomery Scrap:

Christmas Lights: Are yours tattered? Missing bulbs? Tangled in a knot? That doesn’t matter to us! We are happy to pay you for your wire.



Siding and gutters: Wintery winds and snow can do damage to the outside of your house. Recover some of the costs by bringing your aluminum siding and gutters in!

Plumbing pipe: Tis the season for cold weather and pipes that burst. Bring those copper pipes in for cash.


Heavy Equipment: Did your snow plow break? Tractor finally die? Consider doing some clean-out while its a slower time of year. Now is the perfect time to take that stuff you finally decided needed to go into to the scrap yard.

Our scrap yard in Rockville is located on Southlawn Lane, easily accessible from the DC and Northern Virginia area. Check out our Directions so we can get you here and help you make some money!

Happy Scrapping!