Scrapping Through the Seasons

Whether it’s the cold winter months or hot summer days there are always ways to recycle and make money by bringing in your metal to the scrap yard.  Each season can be a great opportunity for scrapping metal if you know what to look out for. Here are some helpful hints for how you can be a successful scrapper no matter what time of year it is:



Bundle up and keep scrapping! It may be hard to get motivated to scrap in the cold weather, but it can be worth it to earn that extra holiday money. Things such as Christmas lights, heaters and busted copper pipes are just a few examples of valuable winter scrap.


Take spring cleaning to a whole new level! While cleaning out your garages and attics be on the look out for household scrap that can be recycled for extra cash. You may find old pots and pans that are rarely used, a broken lawnmower that has yet to be fixed, or even extra appliances that have been sitting around for too long.


The warm weather means that there will be a lot of time spent outside with friends and family. Replacing an A/C unit, patio furniture or grill? Bring in the old ones to be recycled.


Take a break from watching your favorite football team to do some fall scrapping. You may find while doing yard work that you have old and/or broken tools that you don’t need anymore. Rakes, chainsaws and axes are just some of many that can be added to your scrap pile.

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