The Greenest States in the United States

Many states in the US have gone above and beyond the expectations when it comes to going green. They have made changes concerning everything from recycling scrap metal to limiting the amount of toxins that are put into the air. Take a look at a few of the greenest states, and how they have made changes in the community to keep the environment clean.

New Hampshire

new hampshire

The best thing that New Hampshire has going for them is the fact that their pollution levels are extremely low. In the ratings they are the fourth lowest for harmful pollution in the country, making their air some of the best to breath in the country year round. In addition to this, their water supplies have been found to be free of many toxins, and the cancer-causing chemicals that are around are lower here than almost any other state.



The state of Maine as a whole has made efforts to use renewable energy sources over other options. Close to half the energy generated here comes from renewable sources. They have the largest amount of electricity of any state produced from non-hydroelectric renewable sources. A large amount of this comes from the energy produced as a result of wood waste, but that’s not all that the state recycles. They also have a larger than average rate of recycling metal, paper, and plastics.



Vermont has close to the smallest population, and the lowest GDP throughout the entire country. This has led to it producing less pollution than most of the other states. In addition to having the smallest carbon footprint, the state has made efforts to be more efficient, recycle, use alternative energy, and reduce the amount of pollution. The efforts here have been more successful than any other state. The state has a recycling program working to get rid of unwanted waste and find a way to reduce the amount of energy that is wasted.

All across the United States there are places making efforts to be greener in the way they do things. At Montgomery Scrap, we can help your efforts to go greener in your own life. Bring by your scrap metals or have us pick them up. This will not only remove clutter from your home and earn you some cash, but have a positive influence on the environment!





By +Cassie Costner