Keep Scrapping Honest

With the price of scrap metal on the rise, the instances of theft also rise. The National Insurance Crime Bureau notes that scrap metal theft has risen 81% since 2008. Although it is an easy way to get fast, extra cash in your pocket, it is ALWAYS best to scrap honestly.


Here are three of the most important reasons:

  1. It’s against the law!  — Though this is an obvious deterrent, it is most important! In every case, it’s in the best interest to uphold the law and by doing so, fees, fines, records and consequences can altogether be avoided.
  2. It affects the best price that can be given. — Stolen metal plays a hand in what scrap yards can offer customers. Often times, metal theft can cause metal recycling centers to lose money, making it difficult to pay top dollar.
  3. If it looks stolen, we won’t buy it! — There are some items that won’t be bought because of the suspicion behind them. Beer kegs, manhole covers, road signs and cemetery decorations are all examples of these types of materials. At Montgomery Scrap, we work diligently with law enforcement to ensure that we don’t accept any stolen metals!

In addition to the reasons listed above, the Department of Justice says it “damages critical infrastructure, such as transportation and utilities, as thieves are stealing  metal from railroads and electric substations.” This damage affects everyone, not just the scrapping community.

Metal theft isn’t the only mark against honest scrapping. It is just as important to be honest with what materials you have when sorting and recycling. Doing so will keep you on good terms with the scrap yard and also help them give you the best price available for your scrap metal!

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