Contractor Scrap

Scrap Metal Recycling in DC, MD, VA

We know that time is money for contractors. The needs and demands contractors face daily leave no room for error. We’ll get you in, weighed and paid quickly, every time. From siding contractors to bathroom remodelers, our quality scrap metal recycling services can support and pay contractors of any specialty.

We often work with plumbers, electricians, and HVAC technicians but our door is open to all specialists. Take a look at some of the common items we buy from contractors:


  • Clean #1 copper pipe
  • Used #2 copper pipe with paint or solder
  • Steel or cast pipe
  • All metal fittings


  • Romex wire
  • THHN high voltage wire
  • Low voltage wire
  • Aluminum wires
  • Steel or aluminum jacketed wire
  • All other wiring, boxes, and panels


  • Chillers of all sizes
  • All sheet metal (even with insulation)
  • Full A/C units
  • Copper pipe, aluminum fin coils
  • All aluminum coils
  • All types of coils