Drive-In Drop-Off

Scrap Yard Serving Maryland, Virginia, and DC

When trying anything new, the more you know beforehand, the more confident you are when you start. Whether visiting our scrap yard in Rockville for the first time or bringing in a type of metal you’ve never recycled before, we want your visit to go smoothly. Our efficient drive-in scrap metal recycling service allows you to get in, get weighed, and get paid.

No Amount Is Too Small – Drive-in Today!

Step 1: Drive down our driveway towards our two industrial scales. Make sure to have a government issued photo ID ready!

Step 2: When you reach the scales, turn LEFT and one of our experienced employees will assist you in getting your vehicle onto a scale.

Step 3: We will then take a “Heavy Weight” – the weight of your whole vehicle including the metal you are recycling.

Step 4: Our service team will then guide you to the area of the yard that best fits the type of metal you are recycling. Once you get there, we’ll help you unload it.

Step 5: After your metal has been unloaded, simply drive back to our scales to receive your “Light Weight” measurement, the weight of your emptied car.

Step 6: Following your “Light Weight”, you’ll receive a ticket and receipt. Take both to our friendly cashier and get your cash!

 Got a Full Trunk or Truck?  No Problem!

At Montgomery Scrap, size doesn’t matter. If you have one pound or thousands of pounds of scrap metal recyclables, we can handle it. For small scrap metal amounts, you’ll be directed to our retail purchasing area. Our retail service team is always ready to help separate and properly grade your scrap metal materials to make sure you get the most money possible.

Need Directions to our Rockville location? Visit our driving directions page.