What We Buy

Sell Your Scrap Metal

Get paid for recycling metal items you don’t need. Take a look at some of the items we PAY for.

Ferrous Metals Including:

  • Light iron/Sheet Iron
  • Vehicles
  • Heavy melting steel
  • Plate & structural steel
  • Cast Iron
  • Prime grade industrial grades
  • Rail and OTM
  • Rebar
  • Chillers

Make Even More Money from Non-Ferrous Metals

All types of Copper including:

  • #1 Copper
  • #2 Copper
  • Contaminated copper
  • Copper bearing material
  • Bare bright wire
  • All insulated or coated copper wires
  • Electric motors
  • Transformers
  • A/C  radiators

All types of Aluminum including:

  • Extrusions
  • Lithograph plates
  • Siding
  • Mixed aluminum sheets
  • Cans
  • Insulated aluminum wire
  • Turnings

All types of Brass

All types of Stainless Steel

All types of Lead

Lead/Acid Batteries

Electronic Scrap

Items We DON’T Buy

Some metal products contain hazardous materials or chemicals, making them unsafe to recycle.  Appliances containing CFC fluid, like refrigerators and A/C units, need to be remediated prior to delivery. The only metal we don’t buy is mercury. We also do not buy or accept trash items.